Bills Picnic Tables of Southern Md

Amish Built Style


Bill’s Picnic Tables of Southern Maryland

Every home should have lawn “eye candy”!

Having the perfect picnic table is great for family every day use and for hosting gatherings of all occasions… cookouts, reunions, parties, and especially the scrumptious Southern Maryland Blue Crab Feasts!!!

We have been proudly serving customers for over a decade in the MD, VA, and DC areas.  Our custom, handmade, Amish style picnic tables & benches have ben provided to residential clients, as well as schools, pool facilities, campgrounds, churches, restaurants, and many more.

With the combination of customer satisfaction & top notch, quality craftsmanship being our priority, we are excited to create your desired products with a smile!


Bills picnic tables for sale southern maryland


Whatever design you want, you can get!

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What does “Amish Built Style” mean?

Solid structured products built with quality lumber by an individual who creates each masterpiece with much care, time, and attention.

And with work ethic that Bill Borza has, every creation comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, lifetime warranty.




We offer more than just picnic tables and benches!

Here are just a few options to mention…

  • Tiki Tables
  • Round Tables
  • Decks & Stairs
  • Chairs & Benches
  • Planter Boxes
  • Cornhole Boards
  • Shooting Tables
  • Custom Requests (to include handicap accessible items)
  • Refurbishing Services Offered
  • Color Matching Available



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picnic bench


tiki bar style picnic tables for sale southern maryland solomons




Bill Borza

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On the subject of wood, check out the complete opposite service as us. Taking down trees so that guys like me can build things from the raw materials.